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Immacolata Athletic Association

Welcome to the Immacolata Athletic Association (IAA) website! 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Immacolata Sports Program

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Immacolata Sports Program. we realize most parish families whose children participate in sports are familiar with the Immacolata athletic programs. However, we thought this email would be useful to new families and provide useful and current information for existing families.

COVID – 19 Impacts

This is an interesting and challenging year as we had to cancel all spring sports due to the COVID 19 pandemic and required social distancing measures.  We want to get our children out playing with their friends, as long as we can provide a safe environment.  We are monitoring the situation closely but we have not received final word from CYC how the fall programs are going to work, but there will likely be some changes.  We want to proceed with registrations so that the lay directors will be able to get all teams and rosters set up as if the seasons will go as planned.  Due to the uncertainty, we are prepared to reimburse fall sports and family cap  if necessary.  

Immacolata Athletic Association

Immacolata Athletic Association or commonly referred to as `IAA`, oversees all of the Parish athletics. The purpose of the IAA is to support and encourage children of the Parish to participate in athletics.  The IAA is also responsible to covering the expenses of the sports programs.  Among other things expenses include CYC registration fees, referee fees, field/deferred maintenance, facility improvement, and equipment.

If you want to get involved in Immacolata Sports, please email Kyle Carlin at

 The IAA is made up of the following Board Members:

Kyle Carlin - President
Jeff Harrison - Past President
Dan Benninger - Vice President
Jim Marischen - Treasurer
Tom Dooley – Secretary and Digital

Cost of Sports this Year

  • The cost for a child in the Parish to participate in a single sport is $100, which excludes uniforms. The cost for an out of Parish family is $150 per sport.
  • The IAA also offers a Family Cap Plan which is an annual payment of $600 which enables a family to participate in unlimited sports for the school year.

Follow Link to register for the Family CAP at 

Registrations for individual fall sports will be coming in a subsequent email from the individual lay directors in the coming days

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that all of our coaches and parents are aware of the CYC Code of Conduct, we will be we will be adding an attestation to the CYC code of conduct for Coaches and Parents during registration.  Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action by the IAA Board including but not limited to warning or suspension.  Let’s make sure we maintain a positive environment for our children without any negative sportsmanship from players or coaches towards coaches, refs, parents, or players. 

Lay Directors

Each sport offered is coordinated by the Lay Director. Just like all of the dedicated coaches who volunteer their time the Lay Directors are behind the scene interacting directly with the CYC office coordinating registration and scheduling. Please take a moment to thank your coaches and Lay Directors, due to their commitment to the Parish, and the parents and children alike, the sports programs at Immacolata continue to thrive. Below is the list of Lay Directors and sports offered by the Parish:

Fall- Soccer (K-8th grade) Lay Directors - Ron Oster, Dan Benninger, and Matt Eilerman

Fall- Volleyball (3rd-8th grade) Lay Director - Jenny Dolan

Winter Chess (K-8th grade) Lay Director - Eric Rowland

Winter- Basketball (3rd- 8th grade) Lay Directors - Brendan O’Hagan, Tom Schenk, Pat Dolan, Dan Droska

Spring- Track and Field (1st-8th grade) Lay Director - Megan Barry
Spring- Lacrosse (5th-8th grade) Lay Director - Mark Geoghegan

Spring- Golf (1st- 8th grade) Lay Director - Kevin Machon
Spring- Baseball/Softball (K-8th grade) Lay Director - Dan Droska


Last year the IAA sports program has over 550 members, many of which play multiple sports throughout the year. In addition over 400 games and practices were held at the Parish. I along with the Lay Directors and the dozens of coaches thank you for the opportunity coach your children. We win our fair share of games but more importantly the Immacolata sports program continues to encourage participation, stresses the importance of sportsmanship and humility, while fostering friendships on and off the field. Thanks again for your participation.

Message from CYC: The Plan for Fall Sports

Below is the latest update provided by CYC on June 3, 2020. The CYC Safety plan will be sent out on July 1.